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The key to sales hiring effectiveness starts with a well-defined, well-executed process

Hiring the right talent into any sales organization is a very difficult task in part because everyone in sales comes from a different background with different levels of experience and with different skills.  For a sales leader, this can be one of the most costly mistakes when they get this wrong.  It can cost them in lost revenue but can also lead to lost customers.   

Building a Sales Hiring Engine starts from the ground up.  It starts with creating job postings that are aligned to the territory you are hiring for instead of the generic posting that most sales organizations use. It takes implementing an effective interview process that is tailored to the requirements of the role vs. accomplishment based interviewing that most sales leaders use.

Our Sales Hiring Engine leverages Objective Management Group’s (OMG) award-winning sales-specific candidate assessments to help sales managers identify only those salespeople who will succeed in the specific role for which they are being recruited, interviewed and selected. Backed by science and predictive validity, OMG’s highly accurate and customizable assessments reliably and consistently help sales leaders build winning sales teams. When sales representatives are hired using this process they are 92% more likely to be in the top 50% of your sales organization.  When sales representatives are hiring using this process but not following our recommendations our clients have found that the representatives are 76% more likely to be in the bottom 50% of the sales organization.

Problems we solve

 • Lengthy cumbersome interviewing processes • Hiring based on gut instinct (which is only 14% accurate) • High turnover and retention problems • Not replacing underperformers because the thought of hiring new sales talent is overwhelming


How the candidate assessment can improve your sales hiring process

Our clients that use the Sales Hiring Engine along with the candidate assessments found:

92% of the reps that were recommended through the assessment and were hired were in the top 50% of sales performers

75% of reps that were not recommended through the assessment but were hired anyway were in the bottom 50% of sales performers.



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